Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and what we can do about that as individuals is a common question. When nutritionist and author Peter Taylor began to research solutions, he found that making relatively small changes to what we eat can collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why he decided to create The Climate Change Cook Book: a wealth of information about how the food we eat affects our planet, including a wide range of delicious recipes specifically developed to use more environmentally friendly ingredients.

The Climate Change Cook Book is a guide to eating healthily in a way that benefits not only your body but your environment too. It features over 65 recipes from PJ Taste, a catering company who have always put sustainability at the heart of their business, which is designed to offer information and inspiration for finding a balance between sustainability, nutrition and flavour.

The Climate Change Cookbook

From desserts to dishes you can entertain with, these recipes will help you embrace a more plant-based diet, discover new ingredients and flavours, and expand your cooking or baking repertoire without the extra environmental cost. This is not a vegan cookbook, but one that uses the EAT-Lancet Commission’s 2019 report on how to collectively change our diets and tackle the climate crisis as the basis for meals that feature plenty of whole grains, vegetables, pulses, beans and nuts alongside small amounts of animal products like cheese, eggs, fish and meat.

Highlights include the Tomato and Wild Garlic Pesto Tart in the brunch chapter, a speedy yet luxurious 30-minute meal with Salmon en Papillote, and Amaranth and Mixed Bean Burgers for lunch. There’s also plenty of homemade snacks, smoothies and store cupboard essentials to try: the chapter on preserving, growing your own and foraging contains a wealth of useful information suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced environmentalists.

You’ll also find compelling facts and figures about global food production and plenty of ideas about how, by making small changes to your food choices, you can make a difference in the fight against the biggest challenge of our time.

About The Authors

Peter Taylor studied Nutritional Medicine under Dr L Plaskett and has previously written two books. Having read reports from The EAT-Lancet Commission and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) during 2019, it became clear to Peter that food production and consumption has an enormous impact on the health of people and their planet. It was this research that inspired Peter to create a cook book to fight climate change, using stark facts to reinforce the need for more self-restraint in our food choices. He hopes to convey this message in The Climate Change Cook Book:

“Food is to be enjoyed. Without the joy of food, one might as well give up the will to live. But there is a difference between enjoying food and greed. With a little restraint, good food can be enjoyed because quality will always achieve more delight than quantity.”

PJ taste are Sheffield-based champions of seasonally inspired local food. Working sustainably has always been at the heart of the business and their flourishing forest garden produces everything from honey to soft fruit and perennial vegetables. They use this produce in catering for businesses and families in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Peter Moulam, co-owner and founder of PJ taste, says: “It’s been a pleasure to contribute recipes to this book and share some of the methods we have developed over 15 years of business to produce food which is not only delicious but minimises the impact on the planet.”

The Climate Change Cook Book is a 160 page paperback and retails at £18. It will be available to purchase from Amazon, bookshops including Waterstones and online from