How your choice in dating app profile pictures can increase your chance of getting a match, according to science

  • Uswitch reveals the best smartphone handsets for taking your dating app profile pictures
  • Pictures with your pals can increase your chances of securing a dating match by almost a quarter for females
  • However, if you identify as male, you might want to steer clear of group pictures, as these could decrease your chances of a match by 19.9%
  • Red is a lucky colour for men, with the likelihood of being chosen on a dating app rising by 9.4% when wearing the colour
  • A winning smile is one that shows a lot of teeth, increasing matches for both male and female images by 2.8% and 3.7% respectively

You could increase your dating app success by up to 22.5% by choosing the right profile picture, according to new research from, the comparison and switching service.

With profile pictures being such an important part of getting a match, having high-quality photos on your profile is crucial. When choosing a phone for selfies, look for cameras with a focal length of around 50mm, which captures shots more accurately to what things look like to the human eye. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G features three back cameras, one of which offers a 76mm focal length option which is great for portraits and close shots.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is another great option for taking dating app profile pictures. With four rear cameras, users can switch between two wide focal length cameras and two telephoto camera lenses with focal lengths equivalent to around 69mm and 230mm, perfect for capturing a range of photos, from selfies to group shots.

The research saw over 400 participants take part in a dating game in which they chose their preferred ‘date’ from a series of 10 profile pictures. The results from the test unveiled what users need to consider when choosing their dating app profile picture to increase the chances of being someone’s match!

Most online daters include a number of group shots on their profiles, however, this could be a dating disaster for men, who decrease their likelihood of scoring a match by a fifth (19.9%) with group photos negatively affecting perceived attractiveness, intelligence and success for male profiles.

On the other hand, women should continue shooting Insta-worthy content with their friends as a group photo increases their chances of finding a match by 22.5%.

For women, if their profile image shows a smile with teeth, the study shows this indicates success and attractiveness. These attributes are the main driving factors for dating app success according to their admirers, increasing their chance of matches.

Similarly, using photos that suggest attractiveness, success and a sense of humour are key drivers of males being chosen. A smile with teeth increases the deemed attractiveness of males, whilst solo pictures indicate success.

Seen as an eye-catching and romantic colour, the study revealed wearing red can help your chances of dating app success, as wearing the colour red made both men and women more likely to be chosen for a date, by 9.4% for men and 3.3% for women.

% increase in the likelihood of being ‘liked’ based on profile picture variables

VariableMale Image (% difference)Female Image

(% difference)

Group photos-19.9%22.5%
Wearing the colour red9.4%3.3%
Showing teeth in smile2.8%3.7%

Callisto Adams, Dating and Relationship expert comments on the research: “There are a number of reasons why such profile images may increase or decrease your chance of success on dating apps.

“Firstly, showing a smile with teeth is often perceived as a sign of friendliness and the ability to socialise, which is a factor that plays a strong role in the perception of attractiveness. A friendly smile, showing teeth, can also be perceived as a hint of a safe space, which is important when using dating apps.

“When it comes to colour, red is widely known as the colour to represent love, passion, affection, and lust; Due to its long wavelength, red is attractive, eye-catching, and grabs attention. It’s easier to remember.

“Alongside your choice of profile picture, a nice and short bio can help increase your chances of getting a match on dating apps. It helps you attract compatible types, and gives a better idea of what you’re like. Similar to a punchline, if you do it properly, chances are, you’ll succeed.”

Methodology surveyed 410 UK adults (aged 18-34) across four studies. Of the participants, 8 people identified as non-binary, transgender or preferred not to answer the question. All identified as ‘single’. Of the participants, 18% of males chose to view same-gender profiles and 15% of females chose to view same-gender profiles.

  • In task 1, participants took part in a dating game in which they chose their preferred ‘date’ from a series of paired images. Each participant saw either 10 male or 10 female images depending on their choice at the start. All image pairs were randomly displayed ‘head-to-head’ over 45 rounds, with a 5-second time limit for choice.
  • In task 2, participants were presented with their ‘top 3’ most selected images and asked to rate each of them on the following (using a 7-point Likert scale):
    • Attractiveness
    • Intelligence
    • Success
    • Sense of humour
    • Trustworthiness