Dóttir introduces its new line of sports-focused true wireless headphones, expressly designed to withstand the rigours of elite sports competition. The new headphones take the sport headphone market to new heights, boasting innovative features specifically selected by two training partners and competitors — both two-time winners of the title “World’s Fittest Woman” at the CrossFit Games Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir. Dóttir Freedom On-Grid earphones have been awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 and are designed for users to focus, to stay ahead of their own game.

Designed by Crossfit champions and manufactured to withstand even the most high-intensity training on land or in water, Dóttir Freedom On-Grid earphones are available in White or Ash Grey and are ideal for any music lover looking for hours of noise free-listening — wherever their journey may lead. 

Dóttir Freedom On-Grid earphones

Music That Will Move You

Dóttir began as an idea between longtime friends Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir, both of whom are two-time female champions and regular top contenders at the Crossfit Games. Their goal with Dóttir was to create a pair of headphones that would allow athletes to train freely without distraction while remaining inspired by the music they love. 

With a packed feature set in a rugged form factor, Dóttir features Active Noise Canceling technology, fully waterproof construction and an ergonomic, wraparound design that ensures the headphone stays in place, add to this a total playtime of up to 72 hours with a wireless charging case that provides up to five additional charges, and you have a clear winner and dependable companion. 

“The brand started out as an idea between two best friends who push each other to be some of the top-performing athletes in the world. We are proud to bring a brand to market that supports female empowerment and equality as an extension of its founders’ personal values,” said Gisli Gudmundsson, Dóttir Product Manager. “Their Icelandic roots have had a large influence on their core values and the Dóttir brand as a whole. Both Katrin and Annie have fought to reach the top of their respective field, and Dóttir Freedom On-Grid earphones are designed by athletes, for anyone striving to stay ahead of their own game.” 

Dóttir Freedom On-Grid earphones

Having both received the title of “World’s Fittest Woman” during both of their repeat consecutive wins at the CrossFit Games Women’s Championship, Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir are an inspiration to countless women around the world.

“In 2011, Annie won the CrossFit Games, and CrossFit blew up in Iceland,” Katrin said. “Suddenly everyone is doing CrossFit. It’s all over the news, and all over the media, and they’re showing you at the CrossFit Games. I didn’t want to go back to track and decided ‘I want to do that.’ So, I went to boot camp where Annie used to train because I just wanted to do what Annie had done. When I showed up to my first foundation class, Annie walked in to teach it! It’s fun to look back, now, because I looked up to Annie, and now we’re best friends.”

“As Katrin continued on with CrossFit, I could see that she was competitive and driven,” Annie said. “I could see myself in her, a little. Then I remember seeing her do a training workout, and she being super aggressive, and deciding: I need to push her to compete. I need to see what she can do.”

 “We have been looking for a headphone to withstand the demands of our training schedule for some time. We haven’t found one yet that has the battery life, waterproofing or fit that complements our training style and so we decided to design and launch our own. Dóttir Freedom On-Grid has all the features and considerations that we feel will compliment anyone who is active, no matter what your sport,” comments Katrin and Annie.

Dóttir Freedom On-Grid earphones

Their relationship was founded on inspiration, mutual admiration and a competitive spirit, Katrin and Annie have continued to push one another to meet their training goals and achieve their best performance each year they compete in the CrossFit games. With Dóttir, the CrossFit champions extend these core values of their mutual friendship to empower females across the globe to devote their time, focus and willpower to the attainment of their dreams. 

Dóttir Freedom On-Grid headphones are now available for pre-order at www.dottiraudio.com. Priced at £120 / $150.