So you need a clutter-free home? Most people do, too. And the great news is that a clutter-free house may be yours with small elbow grease, the right attitude, and little equipment. If you like an environment where everywhere is piles of clutter, changing this can be impossible. But once you have gotten used to living clutter-free, the small options you make to stay that way do not feel like chores; they become a part of everyday life. Here are ideas for the road to a clutter-free house.

Stay on Top of Your Mail

You can take steps to decrease paper clutter, but you cannot completely remove it. For preventing papers from piling up, deal with them as soon as possible. The key thing is to make a method or system that works and puts you in control of the endless flow of paper.

Stay on Top of Your Mail

Make Donation a Constant Way of Life

Many people gather up a bunch of old clothes and unused items to donate on occasion when moving, maybe, and when a specific charity asks for help. To remind yourself that you may give away what you do not require, even when there is no special occasion, keep a shopping bag in a closet at all times and whenever you spot something you do not use and wear, put it in the bag. If you are indecisive, wait 3 or 4 months before taking the bag to the charity of choice. If you have not gone back to retrieve an item, it will not be missed.

Make Donation a Constant Way of Life

Learn to Love Small Keepsakes

A clutter-free house doesn’t mean a home devoid of decorations and comfort. The way to keep or continue to add items you love is to go for what is either small or useful. Thinking small and mindfully will help.

Buy for Your Needs

If you purchase housewares, then get them for the people you serve. You can easily cut out the clutter when you start to shop for actual requirements. If you serve dinner regularly for party like it is your job, then you can keep a clutter-free house, as long as you are clear in mind about what is required and what is for show.

Allow some Clutter Zones

You do not have to banish each miscellaneous item from your house. Be sure you restrict these objects to an organized junk drawer or a likewise small place like your Launchpad. When you have extra clutter that will fit in the junk drawer, junk shelf, and junk box, that is when you should start culling.

Store Like with Like

Sometimes what looks like clutter is the sight of essential items scattered around a room in a disorganized way. To keep a space looking neat, keep all your plates, shoes, books, and so on in 1 or 2 specific areas, and return them there if they finish elsewhere. This goes for small things that can get cluttered like pencils, makeup, toiletries, batteries, pens, etc. Containerize them so they’re stored in the same spot.

Fix Up Your Drawers

Start from drawers, abandon the items that you do not use anymore and organize the rest stuff. Make custom containers from boxes or another kind of food boxes that you can cut and lined with paper.

organize drawers

Go Behind Closed Doors

The backsides of closet or cabinet doors are the best thing, so get their lots of hooks or containers. Hide dishwashing equipment in a cabinet door for having the sink area clutter-free, hang notebooks inside a craft room door, and then restore order to entry by hanging baskets for gloves or hats inside the coat closet door.

Go Behind Closed Doors

Maintaining a Clutter-Free Home Takes Time

When everyone wants clutter-free homes, everyone is missing the fact that it takes a lot of time to clean them. Steps for having a clutter-free home will need some certain time and you will give that time as well in this case.

It takes enough work to have a clutter-free home

On average, most people with a tidy house spend about two hours per day cleaning. A handful spends less and some spend more (3+). And here is the kicker. When we ask someone how much time they are spending per day for cleaning purposes, you should also ask them what that involves, and the majority of the time, people do not involve cooking, laundry, and dishes. While those 3 tasks cannot be seen as cleaning tasks, they’re most necessary to home management and honestly, they’re where we spend the bulk of our time. This means, that if we were to account for those activities additionally to sweeping, vacuuming, putting things away, dusting, and etc. It takes around four hours per day to maintain a clutter-free house. Even on weekends even on holidays.

Mind Your Binders

You can use them to file recipes and health records, but 3-ring binders can hold more than papers. Outfitted with plastic zip pouches or image sleeves, huge binders may be used to organize hardware, garden seeds, sewing supplies.


Do not Leave Shoes Underfoot

Tired of tripping over sneakers? Invest in garden seeds, a cubby bench, and a roomy basket that fits near your entry. And try your hand at a clever hack everything from wooden crates to wall-mounted magazine holders may be used to corral footwear.

Declutter Daily

Tuck a garbage bag and box for giveaways into a closet and corner and use it frequently. Whenever you come across outgrown pants, a no-long loved toy, or a book you know you will not read twice, toss it in the box. When it is full, donate the goodies or pass them to friends who can utilize them.