Not sure if you can call your brows your own anymore? We feel you! Thankfully help is at hand from brow and lash expert Salina Boardman, founder of London-based salon, Jiemao.

With beauty parlours remaining closed throughout the UK, stray hairs, fading colour, and general brow mishaps are challenging us all right now. And with Fashion week evoking serious brow envy on us all, the pressure is well and truly on to get that preened professional look.

Here to save the day, and help you reclaim your brows, Salina, along with her highly-skilled team at Jiemao, has put together her top tips for achieving (and mastering) that expert look at home. Specialising in HD Brow Lamination and LVL Lash Lift & Tint services in her two London salons, Salina offers insider knowledge and know-how to help you groom like a pro and get your brows back in shape!

For Unkempt Brows

1. Clean your Lashes + Brows (face too) with our newly launched Jiemao Makeup Remover for a clean palette.

2. Get your tools ready! Wipe the end of your tweezers and brow shaping scissors (I like Tweezerman) with alcohol removing all oils so you can pluck and trim brow hairs effortlessly.

3. Comb hairs with a mascara wand (spoolie) in an upwards motion. Pluck only dominant hairs below the bottom brow line to avoid over-plucking.

4. If you like a bushy brow avoid trimming your brow hairs. However, if you must, comb your hair in place and feather your brow hairs. You do this by holding your scissors in a diagonal pointing towards your nose, trim one hair at a time in a diagonal with only the tip of the scissors.

5. If you like your brows to have a straight clean look, comb your hair in place and hold your scissors parallel to your brows and trim a couple of hairs at a time, again with the very tip of your scissors.

6. For a temporary Brow Lamination look at home, comb HD Brows Glue (it’s what we use in the salon) in the direction you want your brow hairs to be in and use a lipstick wand to press down on the hairs. This product will keep your brows in place all day long.

7. If you have sparse brows (like I do from over-plucking in the 90’s) sharpen your favourite brow pencil and mimic (draw) your brow hairs in the areas where it is sparse. Comb through with your mascara wand to blend out the pencil with your real brow hairs.

8. If you like a very defined or arched brow, take a highlighter pencil and lightly mark below the lower brow line. Finish with a small flat brush and blend.

9. Aftercare is vitally important, and we highly recommend you condition your brows (this also works on lashes) by applying HD Brows Tint Lock Serum – it’ll work wonders!

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For those in need of further guidance (aren’t we all?), Salina has just launched a free Virtual Beauty Consultation, allowing you to directly ask her any pertinent beauty conundrums you may have been pondering. No subject is off limits!

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