Iasmin Santos was inspired by Beyonce’s BLACK IS KING to create the photoshoot.

Model and influencer, Iasmin Santos, shared photos wearing a leopard animal print bodysuit and over the knee boots on her social networks to pay tribute to the musical film by American singer, Beyonce.

“I’ve been a huge fan of the singer since I was a child and I finally managed to translate my inspiration into a tribute to her”, says the model. “She’s an example to all black women in the world and she sure was a big inspiration for me to realize my value and feel comfortable enough sharing my content online.”

“My tribute also has a little bit of contemporary art, mainly theatrical art, which has always been part of my being and I think I couldn’t have done it without it”, she says. “It was my way of bringing a little bit of myself to this reinterpretation”.

In addition to sharing her own photos, the model also shared a design of the chosen animal print pattern and a video of a leopard drinking water. “For me, this was a must-have artistic detail, it’s not about completing a row, it’s about bringing my vision to the forefront so my audience can better understand my vision.”

“The space buns, makeup, absolutely everything contributed for my vision to be complete. I am very happy with this work and intend to let my creative energy take over me more often”.