Four out of 10 households in the UK have used their car as an additional space to work, a place to relax or even to catch up on TV shows during the pandemic, according to new research by PEUGEOT UK. The findings come after the Government announced a roadmap to easing lockdown, with all restrictions potentially removed as soon as 21st June.

The study of 2,000 drivers by PEUGEOT UK found 41% of households with four or more people said they had started to use their car for other purposes than driving during Covid-19 lockdowns. With homeschooling and remote working now the new normal for many, cars have taken up a new purpose, ranging from providing a relaxing refuge to acting as a remote office space.

When asked which activities drivers had turned to in their cars, more than half said finding a quiet place to relax away from others, while for 47% their car became a place to catch up on TV shows, and 43% used their cars as a place to read books. A third of respondents said they have used their car as a remote office for work.

With 58% of respondents struggling to find time for themselves during the lockdown, the car has become a place of peace and quiet, according to the research.

PEUGEOT UK also found 37% of households said they would be more likely to use their car in this way if they owned a zero emissions-capable vehicle, that did not emit fumes when turned on, allowing them to keep warm or stay cool without idling an engine.


The PEUGEOT e-2008 is the latest full-electric car to join PEUGEOT’s growing electric range. With a 206-mile range under WLTP testing, it meets the needs of both fleet and private users looking for a capable zero-emissions vehicle. PEUGEOT has committed to offering electrified variants across its entire line-up by 2025.

Julie David, Managing Director, PEUGEOT UK, said, “Cars have always played a variety of roles in our lives, and the pandemic has shown how helpful they can be as quiet, comfortable places to relax, call friends or work remotely. Electric vehicles like the PEUGEOT e-2008 take this one step further, with their silent, zero-emissions powertrains making them a self-sufficient, climate-controlled sanctuary away from our often hectic homes – complete with built-in hands-free phone connectivity.”

As part of its new brand identity, PEUGEOT is demonstrating its commitment to turn time into quality time by creating a new website, set to launch in March, which makes interacting with the brand even easier. Already, the brand’s Buy Online web portal allows motorists to configure, order and even set up a finance plan for their next PEUGEOT, all from the comfort of their own home, or indeed parked car.

PEUGEOT e-2008